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Rates and Fees

Alternative Dispute Resolution at Reasonable Rates

While Mr. Damschen charges significantly more for his work as an attorney, he charges $200 per hour for most standard mediation services including time spent reviewing pre-mediation statements and materials, preparation time, telephone conferences, and mediation sessions. If the amount in dispute is $15,000 or less, and in certain matters not involving money disputes, Mr. Damschen will consider a reduced rate of $150 per hour.

Mr. Damschen charges $100/hour for travel time for matters outside of either the Denver metro area or Clinton, Missouri, plus any expenses. Mr. Damschen does require deposits for arbitrations or mediations only if required to incur travel expenses prior to billing for the services.

Mr. Damschen charges a cancellation fee of $400 for 1/2 day mediations and $800 for full-day mediations if the matter is canceled with less than 48 hours notice. Cancellation fees for arbitrations will be subject to case-specific agreements.

Counsel and unrepresented parties are responsible for paying mediation fees.

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