Damschen Mediation Services

Mr. Darrell D.B. Damschen has been practicing law in Colorado since 1993. As a litigator he has been a participant in several hundred mediated settlements of cases, working with may if the top mediators in Colorado, and found the mediation process to be a fascinating and rewarding process. In 2007, Mr. Damschen took 40 hours of training in mediation and began working as a mediator in addition to his continued litigation practice with Murray & Damschen, P.C.. Mr. Damschen then gained experience performing volunteer mediation services. He has been a member of the Colorado Counsel of Mediators and has provided mediation services through the CAMP program and Jefferson County Mediation Services.  Mr. Damschen continues to provide volunteer services with the Jefferson County Mediation Services at this time.

Mediation Services

Mr. Damschen accepts work as Mediator for a variety of cases. Mr. Damschen work as a neutral party communicating directly with the parties or their counsel, to attempt to resolve their disputes.  Mr. Damschen can provide either face-to-face facilitative mediation of disputes or shuttle diplomacy litigation settlement conference services, depending on the type of dispute involved and your specific needs and desires.

It has been Mr. Damschen’s experienced as an attorney that in cases involving smaller damage claims, the parties often encounter difficulty even getting the case to mediation because at least one of the parties may be unwilling to incur the expenses associated with a full day of mediation with some mediators and mediation firms. In many of these cases there is frustration for all involved when settlement could likely be achieved if the case could be mediated, but instead the dispute just keeps pushing forward. While Mr. Damschen mediates all kinds and levels of disputes, he offers his mediation services with a significantly lower fee schedule in order to encourage parties to mediate cases that may not otherwise be mediated.


Mr. Damschen also accepts work as an arbitrator, either as the sole arbitrator or as a member of an arbitration panel.

Contact Darrell D.B. Damschen at Damschen Mediation if you need the services of a third-party mediator or arbitrator.